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19 Things to Remember Night Before Wedding!

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Change those jitters into something positive!

Got the night before wedding jitters? I don’t blame you. Night before (and day before) wedding nervousness is par for the course. Your big day is one sleep away! It’s the night before your wedding and you and your ‘maids are seriously excited. Try to channel all that energy into completing these 19 things to do the night before your wedding and you’ll give yourself peace of mind and a good foundation for the big day itself!


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This is Your to Do Night Before Your Wedding!

1. Eat a healthy meal. Better stick to the fresh fruit and the whole grains. They won’t have you waking up with a food hangover like a Big Mac and a side of fries will on your wedding day.

2. Pack a bag or clutch of personal items: Put together your reception clutch and your post-reception bag and hand it off to your wedding point person, who can help make sure it’s waiting for you in the bridal suite or in your hotel room.

3. Drink a lot of water. Keep a cold glass of water nearby and make sure you spend some quality time with it. This will help you avoid any dehydration that stress and running around can often cause.

4. Get a good night’s sleep eye spy. Or at least try to tuck yourself underneath those covers at a decent hour. Eye masks and pyjamas pretty much go hand in hand so obviously there would need to be a cute little eye mask for everyone.

5. Turn your phone on silent. Say goodbye to checking Facebook and answering frantic text messages. Turn your chunky device on silent or hand it over to your maid-of-honor.

6. Double check payment for vendors. Have them sorted out digitally. Gather cash and put in clearly marked enveloped and hand them off to your point person for the wedding day (whether that’s your wedding planner, professional bridesmaid, or trusty uncle)

7. Gather a survival kit. Toss a bunch of must-have items into a small tote bag in case anyone needs them. Grab a handful of Band-Aids, safety pins, packets of Advil, and of course hair ties.

8. Write a love note to your groom. Something short and sweet. Reminding the guy who will be waiting for you in a freshly-cleaned tux that they are the love of your entire life.

9. Grab a pair of flip flops. Keep these close by, you’ll want to change into them throughout your wedding day — whether after the morning photos are taken or in the middle of the reception. Your feet are going to need a time-out before you do!

10. Watch something that’ll make you laugh. In the spirit of putting yourself in a happy and enlightened mood, plop yourself down in front of some funny YouTube videos or search for your favorite RomCom on Netflix.

11. Make sure the shoe fits. Even better, make sure you practice walking a straight line in them.

12. Say a big “thank you.”Before the wedding-day chaos kicks in, be sure to thank people in advance for sticking by your side through this adventure.

This is Your Not to Do the Night Before Your Wedding!

Now that you know what to do the night before your wedding, here’s what you absolutely should not do, if at all possible. Avoid the following for a less stressful wedding day. To ensure your day runs as smoothly as possible, do not under ANY circumstances do these things the night before your wedding… Trust me, I’ve done the research and you’ll be pleased you steered clear of these pre-wedding no-no’s.

1. Get Drunk. This is an obvious one but a lot of brides and grooms can get caught up in the pre-wedding excitement with their ‘maids and groomsmen the night before. A hangover on your wedding day certainly isn’t ideal, so keep the alcohol to a limit.

2. Squeeze Spots. Just don’t do it. We know the urge to get rid is tough to resist, but you WILL regret it. Instead, invest in a good spot clearing product (like Dermalogica’s amazing Overnight Clearing Gel) then your make-up artist will do the rest the morning of.

3. Dye Your Hair. You want to look your best on your wedding day, but colouring the night before could have unexpected results, with no time to fix. To avoid any dye disasters, book in with your salon a few weeks before, so that the fresh colour has time to settle and look natural.

4. Eat A Heavy MeaL & Don’t try new foods. The last thing you want is a big dinner sitting on your stomach the night before your wedding, making you feel bloated. Your wedding day is definitely not the time to have major digestive issues after consuming something that doesn’t agree with you.

5. Sunbathe. If you and your partner have decided on a destination wedding, it’s easy to embrace the holiday vibes of the trip. But be careful in the sun! You don’t want to be sore and sunburnt the day of your wedding, so stay in the shade and top up on the factor 30+, especially on the face.

6. Don’t try to finish DIY projects. For the sanity of yourself and those around you, do not wait until the very last minute to assemble all of your projects.

7. Go To Bed Late. Just do It!

No matter how you spend the night before your wedding — and yes, even if you feel a little anxious about the big day! — remember that your feelings are completely valid. As long as you’re happy to be with the person you’re marrying, all that stress will fade away once you get to celebrate — and spend some quality time — together.

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